When you enrolled with Duo, you set a default device to use. To use your default device, enter your username and password and click the sign in button. To use an alternate device, enter your username and password and follow the steps in "Step 5".

Step 1

Go to the application login page.

Step 2

Enter your username and password, then click the Login button.

Step 3

Select the device from the dropdown menu and the method (Duo Push, Phone call, or Passcode) you would like to use to authenticate. Then click Log in.

Step 4

You will automatically receive a push notification from the Duo Mobile app on your enrolled smart phone or tablet, which gives you the option to approve or deny access to your application.



Step 5

If you’d like to use an alternate device, click “other options” and choose the appropriate authentication method (push, call, etc.).


Step 6

Once you have approved the request on your smart phone or tablet, you will be logged in to your application.

*Please Note

IF you ever receive a notification when you are not trying to log into an application, tap “Deny” to deny access to your account.