If you selected Duo Push when you enrolled your smart phone or tablet, push notifications from the Duo Mobile app will be the default authentication method when you log in to HRMS. Follow the steps below to log in to HRMS with two-factor authentication.

Step 1

Go to the HRMS login page. Enter your NetID and password, then click the Sign In button.

Step 2

You will automatically receive a push notification from the Duo Mobile app on your enrolled smart phone or tablet, which gives you the option to approve or deny access to your HRMS account.

duo mobile screenshot


NOTE: If your screen was locked or asleep when you received the push notification, you may need to open the Duo Mobile app and tap the Refresh Duo Push button at the bottom of the screen.

duo mobile screenshot

Step 3

Tap Approve

duo mobile screenshot

If you ever receive a notification when you are not trying to log in to HRMS, tap Deny.

Step 4

Once you have approved the request on your smart phone or tablet, you will be logged in to HRMS.

Log in using an alternative device or method

If you would like to log in to HRMS using an alternate method (phone call or text message) or an alternate enrolled device, you will need to append information to your password when you log in. Complete instructions are available in the HRMS Alternate Device tutorial.