Community Physician site contacts / office managers that need to request and manage ePartner account access.


Guest Account System Changes from ADTools for ePartner Site Contacts

Benefits Summary of Changing to the Guest Account System

  • Proactive, streamlined management of URMC Active Directory (AD) / network accounts.
  • Elimination of manual account management processes and subsequent human error
  • No need to print or request additional welcome letters
  • Ability to quickly request bulk account creations
  • Longer expiration dates (up to 13 months)
  • No more terminations of accounts for lack of use
  • Ability to manage multiple account passwords from a single site
  • Guests will now have an identity within the University Identity Management system

**An identity is a unique identifier (URID) for each person affiliated with the University and its affiliates


Community Physician (ePartner) Specific Changes

  • ePartner access requests for any of the above (including non-credentialed Physicians) are submitted through the Guest Account System by the site contact.
  • Only established site contacts of record are able to request ePartner accounts in the Guest Account System.
  • Site contacts are maintained and have their accounts created by Regional Support.
  • Site contacts must have URMC accounts created so that they can request and manage their guests access in the Guest Account System.
  • Site contacts must be provisioned with a URMC email address that will be used for account creation and management functions.    The mailbox can be accessed through the following link
  • Site contacts cannot create requests for a new site contact and should only submit requests for their staff and non-credentialed physicians.
  • Site contacts will receive an email to their URMC mailbox which includes instructions for how the guest initializes their accounts.  This initialization email should be forwarded to the guest when the sponsor is ready for the guest to begin using their accounts.  Regional IT will include the site contact when sending out any ePartner eLearning instructions.


See tutorial for How to Request an ePartner Staff or Non-credentialed Physician Account


Process to Extend the Current Office Manager / Site Contact Accounts:

Please reach out to the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200 or


Process to Change Office Managers / Site Contacts:

  • Only Regional IT can request an Office Manager / Site Contact account.
  • Please reach out to the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200 or


Expiration / Renewal Notice Management: 

  • Expiration notices are sent to each sponsor’s URMC mailbox and the guest’s third party mailbox 30, 14 and 7 days before accounts are set to expire.
  • For the initial implementation of the Guest Account System each site contact will receive individual email notifications for each of their guests individually.  A future release will include sending out one email with all guests included in that email.
  • Accounts can be extended through self service by logging into the Guest Account System and updating the expiration dates on each account at any time.

Account Management Tips:

  • If accounts are extended prior to 30 days before they are set to expire, no renewal emails will be sent out.   To reduce renewal emails, we recommend logging in to the Guest Account System regularly to manage expiration dates.

My Guest’s Account is Not Expired, But Their ePartner Account Is Expired:

  • ePartner accounts expire if not logged into for six months, while the overall URMC Active Directory domain account can be extended up to 13 months into the future.  Therefore, your guest could experience being expired in the ePartner application while having their Active Directory account active.
  • Please reach out to the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200 or


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Need Help?

Please reach out to the ISD Help Desk at 585-275-3200 or