How do I log in to UKG from a PC?

Follow these instructions.

What are the UKG collaborative scheduling dates/periods?

See below for the following schedules:

How are shifts generated in UKG?

Available shifts created in preparation for the collaborative self-scheduling period are generated based on a variety of building blocks and the overall needs of the unit, which may be different from individual requests.

Once the optimized shifts are created for the unit and collaborative scheduling begins, staff can only pick-up from the shifts available.

There is no overscheduling – unless a Scheduler chooses to manually add or schedule above the coverage need during the balancing process. (You can read more about how shifts are generated here.)

How do I choose my preferred shifts, make time off requests and swap shifts?

Follow the steps in the Scheduling Tips for employees Job Aid.

Where can we download the UKG mobile app?

Follow the steps in the Download the Mobile App Job Aid.

Please Note: Everyone must be enrolled in Duo (Two-Factor Authentication) to log in to UKG from both the mobile app and your desktop.

Any tips for using the UKG mobile app?

We suggest you use a PC for tasks such as creating schedules or viewing large units.

The app is better suited for checking your schedule (My Schedule), submitting requests, or responding to requests from the Control Center. If you wish to receive notifications from UKG, you will need to enable them in your phone Settings.

Where can I add Comments for my manager/scheduler?

Staff cannot put comments in Availability. Comments can be entered with time off requests, such as vacation, conflict days, etc.

How can I see who I’m working with on the schedule?

The Location Schedule feature allows you to see the schedule for those working within your Location. Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

When choosing my preferred shifts, how do I see my schedule in a Calendar view?

Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

How do I request multiple days off in one time off request?

Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

What are the time and visual cues in UKG?

Icons and colors play an important role in helping you quickly identify the state and content of schedules. Review the current time and visual cues here.

How do I request coverage for a partial shift?

Employees can initiate a partial cover request from the home page or My Calendar. Follow this Job Aid for instructions

How do I print my schedule?

Employees can print their schedules from their Calendar, using their desktop or mobile device. Please follow this Job Aid.


How are new users added to UKG?

Each morning, UKG receives a feed from the HR system. Direct hires of the unit will come in via this feed when their information is activated in the HR system.

Users cannot be onboarded to UKG ahead of time.

It is recommended that schedulers use a schedule tag to indicate the current staff member who will be acting as their Preceptor. When the new employee is active in UKG, a manager/scheduler can copy the preceptor’s schedule and tag the preceptee to match. Learn about schedule tags in the Use Tags Job Aid.

How do I add a new Strong staffer to UKG?

As Strong staffers do not come through the HR system, a separate request needs to be made. Please email the following information to Workforce UKG Support @ in order to create a new UKG profile/account:

  • Strong Staffer Employee Full Name
  • URID
  • UKG unit name where the Strong Staffer will be working
  • Job Name they will be working under
  • Start Date

Sending an email to the support team automatically creates an IT ticket and you will be notified when the new account has been created in UKG.

What is a Location query and how do I create one?

Location queries are created by you for your view only, to assist in viewing employees frequently accessed and scheduled in a certain location or job. As this is for your view only, it can assist in viewing your team down to the job level in groups. Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

Is there any way to prevent staff from accidentally picking up too many hours in a 24 hour period?

There is nothing in the system to prevent this.

Is there any way to hold or extend a balancing period?

No, this is a standard, automated process across multiple hospitals.

How do I indicate someone is an Orientee?

Orientees should be transferred to the Orientation Job Code (“ORIENT”). The individual’s assigned shift should be transferred to the Orientation Job by inserting a shift transfer or performing a Business Structure transfer.

How are Traveler nurses entered in UKG?

Travelers are coordinated through:



Ensure your traveling nurse is on the list for UKG with your coordinator, who will share with the UKG team. They will then be added to UKG once their UR ID is activated.

How do I give Charge Staff Management access to a Traveling Nurse?

  1. First, grant the Traveler the “Chrg Staff Management” skill in UKG by following these instructions.
  2. Once complete, contact the UKG team at to place a request for the Traveler to have Charge access. Please include the Traveling nurse’s name in your request.

Is there any way to add traveling nurses or new users to the system prior to their actual start date so that their schedules can be created in advance?

No, they first have to be established with a URID in order to be entered into UKG.

How is training assigned for UKG users?

All new/transferring UKG users will be dynamically/automatically assigned UKG: Navigation & Collaborative Scheduling for Employees, which consists of several eLearning videos (30-60 minutes total) in MyPath/Achieve.

New/transferring Schedulers, NMs, and ANMs will be dynamically/automatically assigned the UKG: Advanced Scheduling for Managers/Schedulers curriculum, which consists of several videos and a 4-hour instructor-led Zoom class (in addition to the employee videos mentioned above). Managers will also be able to assign an employee, if needed or if missed in the automatic assignments. This class will be held 1x/month and assigned individuals can register for a class in MyPath/Achieve.

Managers can assign Charge Nurses UKG: Essentials for Staff Management, which is a one-hour instructor led Zoom class (in addition to the employee videos mentioned above). class will be held 2x/month. Assignments and registration are done through MyPath/Achieve.

Prior to assigning training, managers should add the “Chrg Staff Mgmt” skill to the Charge nurse’s profiles in UKG.

Doing so would allow them to perform daily staff management activities for the unit such as viewing the unit schedule, accessing reports, making shift adjustments, and using the call-out list. Since this access profile also provides the ability to see and manage the schedule throughout the entire collaborative workflow, it will be important for unit managers to set expectations with their Charge staff who are given this access about the activities they should and should not be performing in UKG.

How do I schedule someone from another unit to my unit?

UKG users are created based on their primary HR job and unit and are updated daily with an incoming feed from the HR system. Employees have the ability to see open shifts outside their primary unit, typically in the same service line. If employees split or share time between units on different service lines, the UKG team may need to adjust their job transfer sets in UKG to allow them to pick-up shifts outside of their home unit/department area.

If an employee’s home unit is different from where they are being scheduled, you won’t see them in your schedule view until they pick up (or the UKG team assigns) one shift on your unit. Employees should be able to do this themselves using self-service tools within UKG and should be encouraged to do so. If the employee is unable to do this, managers/schedulers can “push” an employee to another unit by following this Job Aid.

If the individual has worked a shift on your unit before, include a date in the top right of your Schedule view that includes one of the shifts they’ve worked in your unit previously. Once loaded, you will be able to see the person and can complete the remainder of their scheduled shifts on your unit. However, by default, when you insert a shift template the person will still be assigned to their home unit. When you insert the person’s shift, be sure you also transfer them to your unit before you hit Save. Not doing so will cause an error if you try to edit afterwards as you don’t have access to their home unit. The easiest way to do this to follow these directions via the Transfer a Shift Using Quick Action Job Aid.

What if I need to assign someone on my unit whose home unit is not using UKG?

For those units that aren’t in Phase 1 of the UKG rollout, the team can have the staff added and those staff members will be able to schedule and pick-up shifts as needed.

Please email with these requests. However, the full system functionality will not be available for those employees until the unit is moved completely into UKG (ex. Time Off Requests or Conflict days will not be available).

What Pay Codes are used in UKG?

The following Pay Codes are in UKG:

  • Holiday (Note: Be sure to put the shift in and add the Holiday Pay Code for the shift the individual is scheduled to work.)
  • Conflict Day
  • 1st Call
  • 2nd Call
  • Absent
  • Education
  • Jury Duty
  • Leave of Absence
  • Military Leave
  • School Conflict
  • Union Time Off
  • PTO
  • Vacation
  • Sick
  • Contagion

The following are “Comments” in UKG. You would use a Pay Code from the list above with a Comment from below.

For example:

  • Absent – Death in Family
  • Absent – Family Emergency
  • Absent – No Call No Show
  • Absent – Permission
  • Absent – Unapproved
  • Educ – Class
  • Educ – Competencies
  • Educ – Retreat Day

What paycode should I use for someone out for Disability, FMLA, PFL, etc.?

Use the Absent paycode, then in the Comment, use the drop-down to choose whichever choice is appropriate. UKG paycodes can be found here.

How do I move people around in the scheduling groups?

If you move people in and out of groups, be sure to modify both the group you are ending/modifying for the period and the new one you are adding the person to.

Please note: The employee you are moving will not be able to build their schedule from their new group until the system refreshes behind the scenes, which happens twice a day. If an employee is left “ungrouped”, they will be automatically placed in their original schedule group during the morning import. See Job Aid for more details.

Who receives notifications for requests in and how are they managed in UKG?

The unit manager is the “Reports To” manager in the HR system and the system default is to send requests to that person. Because we have a wider range of individuals that need to review requests, Dimensions has “Symbolic Reviewers,” who can also be set up to receive notifications.

Reach out to the UKG team at if you or someone on your team needs to be set up as a Symbolic Reviewer. Once the set-up is complete, as a symbolic reviewer, you may receive a wider set of requests due to your system group access. You’ll need to leverage the hyperfind filter at the top of the Control Center to filter the requests to those that you need to act upon.

If you don’t have a hyperfind available in the picklist for your unit, please email and we can have one created for you.

See how to manage requests in this Job Aid.

How do I update Skills & Certifications in UKG?

Follow the steps in this Job Aid to update Skills and Certifications in UKG. You can also remove the Charge Staff Management skill in UKG by following the Remove Chrg Staff Mgmt Skill Job Aid.

How do I give Charge Staff Management access to Charge nurses?

The permissions granted to a user in UKG is based upon their HR data – specifically their HR Job Title and, in some cases, their Home Department ID (Unit).  Managers and Schedulers do have the ability to grant charge staffing permissions to a user via Skills.  There are two charge skills to add: Charge and Chrg Staff Mgmt.

  1. The Charge skill only allows staff to pick up charge shifts.
  2. The Chrg Staff Management skill grants access to the schedule to perform staffing activities and have visibility for the entire unit. *
Please Note: The functionality update is not immediate.  It takes a day for the function access to update after you add the skill.

If you would like any of your Charge staff to have the “Chrg Staff Mgmt” skill, update their skills in UKG by following the steps in this Add Skills & Certs Tutorial or Remove Chrg Staff Mgmt Skill Job Aid. You can then assign them the UKG: Essentials for Staff Management training in MyPath/Achieve and they can register for a class (1-hour, instructor-led, Zoom, held 1x/month).

What should I do when scheduling someone on-call?

On-call shift templates start with the letters “OC”. A best practice for on-call is to use an OC shift template AND to schedule the shift in the “OC” or “OC RN” job(s). Doing so will remove the shift hours from the numbers. Using the pre-built OC shift templates will also ensure the shift shows in on-call reports you may run.

If you don’t currently have OC shift templates, there are two options:

  1. Email the support team at to request an OC template/templates, or
  2. Use the templates you do have and then complete a work rule transfer (to remove the shift hours from the numbers). You can do this in multiple ways:

Job Aid: Transfer a Shift Using Edit Shift
Job Aid: Transfer a Shift Using Quick Actions
Job Aid: Transfer a Shift Using Transfer

As a manager/scheduler, how can I see employee’s schedules in a weekly calendar view?

Managers/Schedulers can look at their employee’s schedules in a weekly calendar view by running a report called: Employee Schedule – Weekly, which can be found under Scheduler. Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

How do I transfer a portion of a shift using Segments?

Nurse Managers, Assistant Nurse Managers, and Schedulers can transfer part of an employee’s shift (or a segment) to work something other than regular hours. Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

How do I manually create an open shift on the schedule?

Shifts can be manually added to the schedule. The easiest way to do this by Job. Follow this Job Aid for instructions.

How do I locate and manage my employees’ time-off requests?

Please follow this Job Aid for instructions.

How do I evaluate daily coverage?

Daily Coverage shows how a schedule differs from staffing requirements by comparing the daily variance between the staffing plan and the current schedule for a shift or schedule zone, for one or all jobs. It shows the difference between the number of employees required and the number of employees who are scheduled for a job, for a selected time span within the time period of Scheduler. Review the following job aids for instructions:

Does an employee’s approved time off request override an existing shift on their schedule?

Unfortunately, approved time off requests do not remove or un-assign any corresponding existing shift from the employee’s schedule. The manager/scheduler will need to do this manually.

How do I use Schedule Tags in UKG?

Use schedule tags to identify a date cell or a portion of a date cell that has specific characteristics that apply to that employee for that period (Preceptor, Preceptee, for example). A schedule tag is not related to a shift. Follow this Job Aid for instructions to add a schedule tag.

How do I run reports in UKG?

Please follow this job aid.

What is the best way to view operational data/detail?

Dataviews in UKG provide managers/schedulers with real-time access to operational data and are displayed in an Excel-like format. Dataviews can be sorted, filtered, and grouped in various levels of detail. To access dataviews, follow this Job Aid.

How do I create a schedule pattern?

Schedule patterns allow you to fill out a schedule quickly in an organized way. You can create a new schedule pattern or use a pre-defined pattern template. You can assign patterns to any employee or group of employees. Follow this job aid for instructions.