Entry 1

Title: UR Student Systems Campaign

Target Audiences: Faculty, Staff and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, Samantha Singhal, Cindy Fronterre

UR Student (Workday) is the University’s newest primary student administration system used by faculty, advisors and students to support the processes associated with a student’s progression from admission through graduation; including, student records, registration, course rosters, grading, advising, and transcripts. Challenges faced were trying to spark interest and excitement for this new streamlined system to those who may not be on board with “change” or learning a new system. To mitigate this challenge several marketing materials were used throughout the campaign of this new application. In order to increase community engagement and build excitement to the go-live and launch of the new system, a community forum orientation event was developed in which required several marketing materials were created in support of the event (t-shirts, pins, posters/flyers, stamps, lanyards, etc.). The forum was an informal gathering offering:

  • Q&A’s from sponsors, project directors and subject matter experts
  • Project activities, next steps and changes to help prepare faculty and staff for the go-live.
  • Hands-on-system opportunity and interactive session to learn registration, advising and student finance for any in-person attendee.


Community Forum Campaign Materials

Entry 2

Title: LastPass Campaign

Target Audiences: Faculty, Staff and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon

LastPass is a password management tool introduced to the University of Rochester in 2020. During the campaign, several communications, promotional snippet in email signatures, visual graphics in the form of screensavers throughout computer labs and hall monitors on University campus and user guides were used to spread awareness of the new tool. The team faced the challenge of getting individuals interested in a password management tool that most were not familiar with using, and showing that the initial steps and navigating the app are easy for the average user to set-up their account. Furthermore, a virtual Lunch & Learn event was offered via Zoom to train users on the basics of getting started. We were able to track the increase in usage following the distribution of marketing materials based on calls to the Help Desk to request an account (part of step 1 in the guide).

Get Started User Guide

Digital Signage (Screensaver 1)

Digital Signage (Screensaver 2)

IT Website News Post

University of Rochester “@Rochester” Newsletter Post

Email Signature (Used by team members involved with campaign)

Virtual Lunch & Learn Invite

Entry 3

Title: Tru Lyfe Animated Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign

Target Audience: Faculty, Staff and Students

Team Members: Margarita Rincon, George Beckinghausen, Mark Peterson, Dee Jones, Justin Krog

To keep the attention of audiences with regard to cybersecurity awareness, short animations were created to educate the University community on a few of our most important tips. Auditions were held within our IT department which increased interest and visibility to the videos because other employees enjoyed seeing fellow colleagues and their talents in action. The storyline parodies the MTV series, True Life (Tru Lyfe) and follows a hacker in his daily routine of scamming victims to give insight into the mind of a hacker. These videos were promoted through the University IT website news section and security pages, University’s “@ Rochester” newsletter, social media (Facebook, YouTube), and through email within a specific timeline throughout the academic year.

Tru Lyfe: Episode 1- “Something’s Phishy”

Tru Lyfe: Episode 2- “Surf’s Up”

Tru Lyfe: Episode 3: “Lock or Log-Off Your Computer”

Tru Lyfe: Episode 4 – Keep Your Devices Updated & Secure