Why do I need to use two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication, simply means you will be asked to take a second action to verify your identity when you log into a protected system. Two-factor authentication provides extra protection for the sensitive information our systems contain in case you are a victim of phishing or hacking. If someone steals your credentials and tries to access your account, your username and password will not be sufficient to log in. The thief will also need to have access to your device to complete the log in process. If someone else tries to log in to your account, you will be notified on your device and you can deny them access instantly.

Why do I have to enroll in Duo multiple times?

Users are required to enroll in Duo because it allows us to provide an additional layer of protection against cyber and phishing attacks.  Currently, we have applications and services that require different user accounts to log in.  Depending on your role at the University, you may have to enroll in Duo up to three different times based on the applications and services that you use.

To learn which user account to enroll per application, refer to the Duo Enabled Applications List.

What happens after I enroll?

You will be prompted for two-factor authentication each time you attempt to connect to a Duo enabled application or service. During your enrollment, you can choose a preferred device and authentication method (i.e., your cell phone number and a push or text message).

Is there something besides a phone or mobile device I can use as my second factor authentication with duo?

Yes.  You can purchase a YubiKey or D-100 token in person from both UR Tech Store locations.  Once you have purchased a token, follow the appropriate tutorial to login using the token.

How should I enroll in Duo if I am a Community Provider or Partner?

See our Referring Providers website for instructions.

What devices are supported by Duo & can I set up more than one device?

Devices supported by Duo include the following:

Yes, you can setup more than one device.  Log into the University or URMC Two-Factor Authentication Enrollment site and follow the instructions here.

If I can't connect to the network or VPN, how do I enroll?

For UR Active Directory or NetID credentials contact UnivIT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000.

For all other credentials, contact the ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200.

You will be required to confirm your identity with the help desk representative.

How do I authenticate with my smart phone app if I don't have cell signal, data, or Wi-Fi connection?

Generate a passcode in the Duo Mobile app by tapping the key icon. The passcode will appear underneath. Then log into the system using the passcode as your Duo method.

Can international phone numbers be used in Duo?

Yes, all international phone numbers are supported in Duo. The numbering format must be E164.

Country code + National Destination Code + Phone Number

For example, in Switzerland:+41 33 123456789

Can I use the app on my smart phone without affecting my data plan & if I use the text message or phone call option, will I be charged by my phone company?

Yes; you must first connect to a wireless network and then you will not incur data charges by using the Duo Mobile App.

Standard phone and text messaging rates will apply per your phone plan for the phone call and SMS options.

What do I do if I get a notification from Duo that I did not request?

Use the “Deny” option if you did not initiate the request.  University Information Security investigates all fraudulent attempts.

I replaced the phone I enrolled in Duo, can I change my devices after I enroll?

Yes. You may log back into the University or URMC Two-Factor Authentication Enrollment sites at any time to manage, add, or remove devices.

If your phone number is the same:

  • If you use the Push option through the Duo Mobile app installed on your phone, follow this tutorial on your new phone.
  • No action is required If you use the phone call or text message options. You will authenticate with Duo exactly as you did on your old phone.

If your phone number changed:

  • If you have an alternate/backup device enrolled in Duo:
    1. Log into the University or URMC Two-Factor Authentication Enrollment site.
    2. From the Device drop-down menu, select your alternate/backup device, then click “Manage Devices” to authenticate using Duo
    3. Use the Actions drop-down menu to delete your old phone, then click “Enroll another device” to enroll your new phone. (See the Device Management Guide for detailed tutorials.)
  • If you do not have an alternate/back-up device enrolled in Duo, call the Univ IT Help Desk at (585) 275-2000 for NetID or ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200 for all other credentials

** Please note: If the device you use to authenticate with Duo has been lost or stolen, please contact the University IT Help Desk at 275-2000 or ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200 immediately. They will disable your phone from being able to authenticate with Duo and help you log in using another device.

My account is locked out. What should I do?

Contact the University IT Help Desk at 275-2000 for NetID or the ISD Help Desk at 275-3200 for all other credentials.

Why can't I receive Push notifications from Duo, but I can receive SMS texts and phone calls from Duo?

Why can't I receive SMS texts and phone calls from Duo?

You may have blocked the phone number that Duo uses to reach you. Check your blocked numbers list for 585-275-2085 and remove it from the list.

I am unable to install the Duo Mobile app from the App store. What do I do?

Refer to the FAQ for “What devices are supported by Duo” to see if you have a device model and operating system version that is supported by the Duo Mobile App.

What is Duo Universal Prompt?

The Universal Prompt is a visual refresh of Duo’s traditional authentication prompt. All applications will eventually have to transition to using the new Universal Prompt by March, 2024. The first time a user accesses the Universal Prompt for a given application, Duo evaluates the supported authentication methods for that application and automatically selects the most secure authentication option available to the user. If a user wants to try a different method, clicking Other options in the Universal Prompt will show a list of available authentication methods. Read more here: https://tech.rochester.edu/news-item/duo-universal-prompt/.

Applications will move to the Duo Universal Prompt over the next few months wrapping up in April 2024. Below is a list of when applications will move to the Duo Universal Prompt.


Application Date
M365 March 2023
CyberArk October 2023
Crowdstrike October 2023
Keeper November 2023

Why am I seeing the message “Access denied. Duo Security does not provide services in your current location” in the Duo Prompt?

Click here to view Duo’s location restrictions.

What is the safest way to authenticate using Duo?

Duo Push is an authentication request you’ll receive as a notification on your smartphone. It’s quicker, easier, more secure, and cheaper than receiving text messages or phone calls.

For more information on using Duo push:

Promoting_Push_Guide.pdf (duo.com)

Authenticate with Duo Push on iPhone – Duo Security (youtube.com)