These data management roles help us manage responsibility and authority regarding institutional data.

Role Overview of Responsibilities
  • Define terms in the Business Glossary
  • Approve the meaning of data
  • Monitor consistent usage of data terms
  • See all Steward duties
  • Create data access rules
  • Arbitrate ad hoc data access requests
  • Manage risk and exposure of data
  • See all Trustee duties
  • Manage technical environment where data resides
  • Ensure safe custody, transport, and storage of data
  • Implement access policies
  • Provide copies of data according to policies defined by owners
  • See all Custodian duties
  • Lead the processes by which business terms are defined, recorded, and linked to data collections
  • Serve as a resource to role holders
  • See all Architect duties
Data User
  • Know the security classifications of the data in use
  • Follow security policies when sending, saving, or deleting data
  • Create copies of data only by permission of the custodian or owner
  • Understand up-stream and down-stream implications of creating a variant of a conformed business term for local use

NOTE: these apply to both Super Users (create reports and analyze data) and Casual Users (consume data reports or use dashboards)