“New” Microsoft Teams Application Rolling out Monday, April 1st.

2011-12 IT Annual Report Now Available

2012-13 IT Annual Report

2013-14 IT Annual Report

3D Print Request

3D Printing

3D Printing Create a Model for 3D Printing

3PA (Third Party Assessment)

3PA Getting Started

A new look for Duo coming soon!

Acceptable Use Agreement – Cloud Services

Acceptable Use Policy

Access Exchange 2010 on Mobile Device Without UR ID

Access Microsoft 365 email on iOS devices

Access Microsoft 365 email on Mac using Apple Mail

Access Microsoft 365 email using Outlook

Access Office 365 on Blackberry Devices

Access Office 365 on Mac Using Outlook

Access Office 365 on Windows Using Outlook (Non-Domain Accounts)

Access to Student Data Request Form

Access Voicemail Messages: Audio File Email Attachment

Access Voicemail Messages: Link to Audio File Online

Access Voicemail Messages: Web Portal

Accessing Shared Mailboxes in Outlook

Account Initialization (New User)

Account Initialization Workflow

Account Setup & Login (Faculty/Staff)

Acquisition and Disposal of Multifunctional Devices, Copiers and Similar Devices

Active Directory

Add a Family Account to Keeper

Add a Password to LastPass

Add a Skype Contact on Mac

Add a Skype Contact on Windows

Add Users To WordPress

Adding Labels in Microsoft Teams

Adding LastPass Browser Extension

Adding Speed Dials

Adding Tags in Microsoft Teams

Adding Tasks in Microsoft Teams

Administrator Access to WordPress Changing February 28th

AEFIS (Assessment, Evaluation, Feedback, Intervention System)

Alert: Phishing Attack Targeting University of Rochester


AlertUR Test Set for February 27

Antivirus Software

App Allows Access to Journal Subscriptions

Apple Announces Vulnerabilities with iOS Devices, Mac OS X

Apple Battery Issue and Replacement Options

Art in the Palm of Your Hand

Assign an Application Stack

Attacking Our House: Phishing and Cyber Security Attacks against the University

ATTENTION: New Job Scam Targeting UR students

Authorization for UR-Sponsored Cloud Services

Back-to-School Expo Welcomes Class of 2016

Beware of Contact Tracing Scams

Big Data Analytics

Blackboard (Learning Management System) – For Faculty & Instructors

Blackboard (Learning Management System) – For Students

Blackboard Basics

Blackboard Discussion Boards

Blackboard Grading

Blackboard Online Assessment

Blackboard Online Course Content

Blackboard Upgrade Coming This Summer

BlueHive 2 Joins the Research Computing Lineup

Bookmark a Message in Teams


Box Drive

Breach at Equifax May Impact 143M Americans

Calls and Meetings in Teams

Cascade (Web Content Management)

Celebrating Our IT Professionals

Cellular and Data Plans

Center for Integrated Research Computing Hosts 3rd Annual Poster Session

Center for Research Computing Supports Biological Research

Change App Power Monitor Settings on Android Phones

Change Device Name

Change HRMS Alternate Login ID Password

Change the Email Address Used For Your Box Account

Changes Coming Soon to Google’s Storage Policy

Changes Coming to Cisco VPN Login

Changes coming to eduroam Wifi login

Changes Coming to MyPath Logon

Changes coming to UR Outlook Web Access and MS Web App login

Changes Coming to UR Zoom Login

Changes Coming to Workday and Other Application Logins

Charging Mobile Devices is a Picnic

Circulating Book Display Advocates Information Security

Classroom Renovations Maximize Academic Uses of Technology

Classroom Technology

Classroom Technology Upgrades Foster Modern Learning

Cloud Computing for Non-Research

Cloud Computing for Research

Cognos (Institutional Data Reporting)

Cognos to Excel Download Settings

Computational Challenges in Genomics Research

Computational Science Consulting

Computer Labs

Computer Repair (Students)

Computer Repair Process

Configure Your Box Account on an iPad

Configure Your Box Account on an iPhone

Configure Your Box Account on Mac using Single Sign On

Configuring Email for Two-Factor Authentication using Duo

Connect / Disconnect VPN on Android or Kindle

Connect / Disconnect VPN on iOS Device

Connect / Disconnect VPN on Linux

Connect / Disconnect VPN on Mac

Connect / Disconnect VPN on Windows

Connect to eduroam

Connect to eduroam on Android Device

Connect to UR_Connected on Android Device

Connect to UR_Connected on Mac OS X

Connect to UR_Connected on Windows 10

Connect to UR_Connected on Windows 7 / Vista

Connect to UR_Connected on Windows 8

Connect to UR_Connected on Windows Phone 7

Connect to UR_Connected5 or UR_Connected on iOS Device

Connect to UR_GuestPSK

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Android Device

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on iOS Device

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Mac OS X

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Windows 7 / Vista

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Windows Phone 6

Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Windows Phone 7

Construction to Begin on Ronald Rettner Hall for Media Arts and Innovation

Contract Management

Coronavirus Themed E-mail Phishing

Create a New Application Stack

Create Skype Contact Group on Mac

Create Skype Contact Group on Windows

Create your Zoom account

Creating a Channel in Teams

Creating a Team

Critical Web Vulnerability Announced: Heartbleed

Cybersecurity Awareness Month

Data Center Hosted Colocation

Data Centers

Data Security Classification Policy

Deferral Request Online Form

Delete a Sponsorship Request

Delete a Timed Out Sponsorship

Destiny with Data

Device Encryption

Digital Medical Records Go Live

Disable Paging Delay in Spok Mobile for Android

DocuSign eSignature

Domain Name Governance Procedure

Domain Name System (DNS)

Domain Names

Download and Install WalkMe

Download and Run the Zoom Client

Duo Two-Factor Authentication Coming to UR Financials

Duo Universal Prompt

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)

Electronic File Management (OnBase)

Email Aliases

Email Phishing Attacks Compromise Some Employee Information

Email Use Policy

Email: Office 365

Embracing change in a transforming digital landscape

Employment Scam Targeting Students

Employment Scam Targeting Students

Enable JavaScript on Apple Safari

Enable JavaScript on Google Chrome

Enable JavaScript on Microsoft Edge

Enable JavaScript on Mozilla Firefox

Enroll and Manage Devices in Duo

Enroll for Duo Using Hardware Token

Enroll in Duo Using a Mobile Phone (URMC)

Enterprise Architecture

Eric Fredericksen to Head Online Learning Initiatives at Rochester

Exception Procedure

Exchange Distribution List Request

Expanded Technology Services Improve Students’ Residential Experience

Extend a “Request Valid Through” Date

External Email Alert

Extreme Makeover: Computer Lab Edition

Faculty/Staff Email Migrating to Office 365

Faculty/Staff Telephone & Voicemail

File Servers

Finding a Guests URID

Finding the computer name in Windows 10

Finding the computer name in Windows 11

Finding the computer name in Windows 7

Finding the computer name in Windows 8

Finding the computer name on Linux

Finding the computer name on Mac (pre-Ventura)

Finding the computer name on Mac (Ventura)

Finding Your Linux IP Address

Finding Your Mac IP Address

Finding Your Windows IP Address


First Identity Finder Scan on Mac

First Identity Finder Scan on Windows

Fully Wired: Med Students Receive Tablets This Week

Gartner Research Access

General Encumbrance Management System (URGEMS)

General Settings for Connecting to UR_Connected

General Settings for Connecting to UR_RC_InternalSecure

Gmail (Student Email)

Google Analytics

Green500 List: Environmentally Responsible Supercomputing

Guest Accounts

High-Tech Living

Hillary Lincourt Honored with University’s Meliora Award

Historical FRS/Cumsal Access Request Form

How to “@” Mention

How to Add a Team Calendar

How to Add Events in SharePoint

How to Connect to UR_RC_InternalSecure on Windows 10

How to Document a Specification in Data Cookbook

How to Document Values for Data Cookbook Terms

How to End A Guest Relationship

How to Gather Data in Identity Finder on Mac

How to Gather Data in Identity Finder on Windows

How to Install Microsoft Office 365

How to Login to UKG (formerly Dimensions) from a PC

How to Manage Documents in SharePoint

How to Remediate Identity Finder Results on Mac

How to Remediate Identity Finder Results on Windows

How to Request an ePartner Staff or Non-credentialed Physician Account

How to Send a Page

How to Set Default Authentication Options

How to Sponsor a Guest

How to Sponsor a Vendor

How to Sponsor Multiple Guests

How to Start a Conversation

How to Use the Public Printing System

How to Write a Functional Definition

How to Write a Technical Definition

HRMS Access Restricted to On-Campus Network and VPN

HSCCI Announces Winners of Data Visualization Contest

Human Resource Management System (HRMS)

IBM Cognos Upgrade

In Review: Educational Technology

INFOGRAPHIC: Expo Welcomes Class of 2017

Information Security Advisory- Possible Password Exposure from Cloudflare Memory Leak

Information Security Policy

Information Technology Policy

Initiate an Arranged Conference Call

Initiate Conference Call on University Telephone System

Install Network Registration Policy Key: Mac

Install Network Registration Policy Key: Windows

Install the VMware Horizon Client

Install VPN on Android/Kindle

Install VPN on iOS Device

Install VPN on Linux

Install VPN on Mac

Install VPN on Windows

Install Wireless Print Driver on Mac

Install Wireless Print Driver on Windows

Installing Outlook Zoom Add-In

Institutional Data Definitions (Business Glossary)

Institutional Data Reporting (Cognos)

Institutional Data Visualization (Tableau)

Instructional Technology Resources

Integrated Online Research Administration (IORA)

Integration Platform (Boomi)

Introducing Smartsheet

IT Center Lending Library

IT Equipment Recovery Program

IT Equipment Recovery Program Launches

IT Interns Reap Rewards at the University

IT Perspectives: 10 Tips for Safe Computing

IT Staff Win 2 Communications Awards

IT Staff Win 5 Communications Awards

IT Staff Win Award of Excellence for Security Video

IT Staff, Professor Recognized with 3 Communications Awards

Java Security Advisory

Join a Zoom meeting

Join Skype Meeting as Guest on Mac

Join Skype Meeting as Guest on Windows

Join Skype Meeting on Mac

Join Skype Meeting on Windows

Julie Buehler Named American Council on Education Fellow


Kick off Zoom Meetings within Teams

Kronos (Timekeeping System)

Large Format Printing Request

LastPass Breach Exposed Customer Data

LastPass for Apple iOS Devices

Learning Management System (Blackboard)

Library Will Upgrade Catalog Software Next Week

Local High School Students Experience Virtual Science Lab

Locate Box Group Administration Spreadsheet

Log In to Box: External Users

Log In to HRMS

Log In with Horizon Client

Log In with Web Browser Client

Login Security Improvements Will Affect Some Email/Calendar Apps

Mailing List Policies

Mailing Lists: Exchange

Mailing Lists: Listserv

Manage Skype Views on Mac

Manage Skype Views on Windows

Managing Large Files on Box

Mark Ballister Assumes Enterprise-Wide University Chief Information Security Officer Role

MATLAB Now Available Free of Charge to Students

Media Conversion Request

Medical Center Computer Upgrade: September-April

Michael W. Pinch Assumes University Chief Information Security Officer Role

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 Delve

Microsoft 365 Forms

Microsoft 365 Mailbox, Webmail and Calendar

Microsoft 365 OneDrive for Business

Microsoft 365 Stream

Microsoft Edge Taking Place of Internet Explorer on University, URMC Computers

Microsoft Exchange 2010

Microsoft Office 365 Available for Download to Select Departments

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams for Android Devices

Microsoft Teams for Apple (iOS) devices

Microsoft to Retire Skype for Business Online

Migrating to Office 365 on Mac Using Outlook

Migration of Cylance to CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection

Mobile Computing Device Security Standards

Mobile Device Management

Move Data from Outlook PST to your Online Archive Mailbox

Move Files into Virtual Application

Movie Upload

Moving an Entire PST file to Online Archives

MyHR (Highland Hospital and Long Term Care)


MyPath (Talent Management System)

MyPath to No Longer Support these Web Browsers

Navigating within a Tableau Visualization

Net ID to Active Directory (AD) Migration


Never Run Out of Room Again: Unleash the Power of Outlook Online Archive

New Bus Fleet Features Card Readers, Real-time Tracking, and Drive-cams

New Duo requirement for Google Applications

New Frontiers in Education

New IT Website Design to Improve Usability

New Mobile Device Security Requirements for Medical Center

New Online Portal for IT Help

New Online Resource Helps Users Identify Phishing Emails

New Outlook @Mention Feature: Keep Close Watch on Your Email “To:” List

New Phishing Attack via Telephone

New Program Recruiting Volunteers for Usability Activities

New QR Code Phishing Scam Alert

New Required MyPath Training for Information Security Policies and Procedures

New Security Requirements for Microsoft 365 Apps and Services

New Site Communicates IT System Outages and Maintenance

New Software for Research Collaboration, Funding Searches

New University Password Change Procedure 

New Video Phones Available for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Patients, Visitors

New Zoom Captioning Feature

New Zoom security requirements

Notify Your SecureMail Recipients

Office 365 FAQs

Office 365 Webmail Update

OnBase (Electronic File Management)

Online Collaboration Tools for Teaching

Online Discussions

Outlook Online Archive



Parking Management System

Performance enhancements made to the wireless service infrastructure

Personalize Your Sidebar Features in Teams

Personalize Your Zoom Account

Phishing Attack Targeting the University of Rochester


Polling (Poll Everywhere)

Prepare to Migrate to Office 365

Prepare to Work or Teach Remotely

President Seligman Appoints Two to Vice President Posts

Print from an Android Device

Print from an iOS Device

Print through Email

Print through Web Browser


Production Special Run Request

Project Portfolio Management

Protect the House: Switch to Duo Push or a YubiKey for Authentication 

Providing High-End Technology and Support in Rettner Hall

Provision Applications on Application Stack

Public Printing Upgraded

Quality Assurance


Re-Issue a Timed Out Sponsorship Request

Reactivate an Expired Guest

Read SecureMail Messages

Receiving Monthly Expense Statements

Recompose Desktops

Register Device for Mobile Device Management

Register for ResNet

Register Restricted Data Collections

Register Your Keeper Account (Students)

Registration Open for Research Computing Boot Camp

Registration Open for Research Computing Summer School

Registration Open for Winter Boot Camp

Release Your Print Job

Remote Access (VPN)

Remote access to Email and Teams with web browser – need VPN connections for foreseeable future

Remove a Device

Remove ActiveSync Profile on Android

Remove ActiveSync Profile on iOS

Remove Sophos Antivirus on Mac

Remove University Exchange Account from Device

Renew or Extend a Guest

Reply to SecureMail Messages

Reporting and Analytics (Institutional Data Warehouse)

Request a Pickup

Request a Third-Level Domain Name

Request Access to Monthly Expense Statements

Request Access to Tableau

Request an SSL Certificate

Request Change(s) to Virtual Desktop Service

Request Data Access: CumSal FY15 Forward

Request for Enterprise Backup Server/File Restore

Request Quality Assurance Service

Request Software and Patch Management

Request Virtual Desktop

Research Computing

Researchers Develop Technical Skills in New Classes

Resetting/Changing Your Password


Rettner 201 Software Consulting

Rettner Software Consulting

Rettner Technology Lending Library

Review Data Access Request: CumSal FY15 Forward

River Campus Libraries Offers More IT Resources

Save Box Files to Your Desktop

Save Identity Finder Results on Mac

Save Identity Finder Results on Windows

Schedule a Meeting

Scheduling Zoom meetings with Zoom Desktop Application

Scheduling Zoom meetings with Zoom Web Portal

School of Medicine and Dentistry’s Financial Aid System Replaced


Security Notice: Internet Explorer Vulnerability

Security Notice: Pinkslipbot Virus

Send SecureMail Using !secure Keyword

Send SecureMail Using the Windows Plugin

Send Skype Instant Message on Mac

Send Skype Instant Message on Windows

Sending SecureMail Messages

Set Audio Device for Skype on Mac

Set Audio Device for Skype on Windows

Set Default Device in Duo

Set Up a ListServ List

Set Up Your Gmail Account with “first.last@rochester.edu” Alias

Setting up Your Audio (Microsoft Teams)

Setup Microsoft Teams Voicemail

Share Content in Skype on Mac

Share Content in Skype on Windows

Shared Responsibility Model – Cloud Services


Sifting through Data

Sign In to Skype on Mac

Sign In to Skype on Windows

Sign in to UR Box using a web browser

Sign Off from a ListServ List

Sign On to the Mainframe (MVS)

Signing In To Smartsheet

Signing into Qualtrics

Skype Meeting from Microsoft 365 on Windows

Skype Meeting from Office 365 on Mac

Skype Meeting from Outlook on Mac

Skype Meeting from Outlook on Windows

Skype Presence Feature on Mac

Skype Presence Feature on Windows

Skype Video Calling on Mac

Skype Video Calling on Windows

Skype Voice Calling on Mac

Skype Voice Calling on Windows


Social Security Administration Holds National ‘Slam the Scam’ Day March 7

Social Security Number/Personally Identifiable Information Policy

Software and Patch Management

Software Licensing

Software Updates Now Available to Patch Apple Security Issues

Space Management System (URSpace)

Spam Management (Proofpoint)

Spam Management Tutorials

Spok Mobile

SSL Certificates

Standard Security Controls


Stream2 Web Browser Access

Student Email (Gmail)

Student Job Application

Student Telephone & Voicemail

Student Telephone Service Contract

Subscribe to a ListServ List

Tableau (Institutional Data Visualization)

Talent Management System (MyPath)

Technology in Upstate’s K-12 Classrooms Will Benefit from Microsoft, University of Rochester Collaboration

Technology Supports Daily Activities in LeChase Hall


Text Options

The ‘Mother of all Breaches’ Data Leaked

Three Staff Members Win RocHackHealth Competition

TikTok ban for any federally impacting research

Timekeeping System (Kronos)

To add a new YubiKey to your Duo Account

Transfer Files from Sharepoint (Online) to Box Drive

Transfer Files from SharePoint to Box

TV Setup Troubleshooting Guide

Two Changes Aim to Improve Email and HRMS Security

Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)

U.S. Secret Service Discusses Cybersecurity


Unassign an Application Stack

Undergraduates Share Their Views of Technology

Uninstall ZenMobile on Android

Uninstall ZenMobile on iOS

United Way Reporting

University and IBM Scientists Gather to Explore Collaboration

University Data Center Receives Energy Efficiency Award

University Inaugurates New Era of Health Care Research

University IT Donates Computers to Mt. Hope Family Center

University IT Employee Named Rochester’s Student Employee of the Year

University IT’s Evolves Technology during the COVID-19 Pandemic

University Joins Eduroam

University Moves to New Password Management Tool

University of Rochester and IBM Expand Partnership in Pursuit of New Frontiers in Health

University of Rochester Hosts 2016 Higher Education Data Warehousing Conference

University Previews New Data Visualization Lab

University Subject to New Wave of Email Phishing Attacks

University to launch new method for accessing Outlook 365 Webmail

University Website “Responds” to Increased Use of Mobile Devices

University-Wide Framework for Information Security Policies and Procedures Adopted

University-wide Research Resources

University’s Data Center Earns Recognition for Energy Efficiency

University’s Financial Records System to be Replaced

Unsupported Linux information

Update an Application Stack

Update on Password Change Requirements

UR Budget (Axiom)

UR Cable TV

UR Cable TV Setup Instructions

UR Faculty

UR Financials (Workday)

UR Financials Project Launches Website

UR Mobile

UR Student (Workday)

UR Student Support team; nominated for the 2021 Meliora Award

UR Tech Store

UR Tech Store Announces Back-to-School Specials

UR Tech Store Announces their Back-to-School Specials

UR Workday Applications

URGEMS (General Encumbrance Management System)

URGENT: New Job Scam Targeting UR students

URMC Notifies Patients of Misplaced USB Drive

URMC Wireless Network Upgrade Coming Soon


URSpace (Space Management System)

URSpace Access Request

URWireless Acceptable Use Policy

Usability Testing

Use Duo Passcode to Log In to HRMS

Use Duo Passcode to Log In to UR Financials (Workday)

Use Duo Passcode to Login to Microsoft 365

Use Duo Phone Call to Log In to HRMS

Use Duo Phone Call to log in to UR Financials (Workday)

Use Duo Phone Call to Login to Microsoft 365 Email and Calendar

Use Duo Push to Log In to EUC

Use Duo Push to Log In to HRMS

Use Duo Push to Log In to Microsoft 365

Use Hardware Token to Authenticate with Duo

Use Hardware Token to Authenticate with Duo (Microsoft 365)

Use the Search Anywhere Plugin

Using a less secure Duo method?

Using Duo to Log In to Active Directory Applications

Verify Lync 2011 Version for Skype on Mac

Video Production

VIDEO: How to Secure Mobile Devices

VIDEO: How to Spot a Phishing Email

View Team Analytics

Viewing Monthly Expense Statements

Viewing the Status of all my Guests

Virtual Desktop

VISTA Collaboratory Project Team Wins Meliora Award


Voicethread (Discussion Board)

Voltage (SecureMail)

Volunteer to Participate in Usability Testing

VPN (Remote Access)

VPN Upgrade to Enhance Security, Remote Access

Web Content Management: Cascade

Web Services

Website Feedback

Well-U Joins Growing Mobile Lineup

What is Social Engineering

What’s Big Data Got to Do with It?

Wi-Fi Alert: Changes May Impact Your Connection

Windows 11 – Coming to a PC near you

Windows Domain / Office 365 Email Account Request Form

Windows XP Support Will Be Discontinued on April 8


Work Smarter, Not Harder: Get Ready for “New” Microsoft Teams

Zoom Security Change Postponed

Zoom Video and Web Conferencing